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  1. kirsten says:

    I am looking forward to seeing more pictures! Hopefully you remember how to upload them. :)

  2. Tania Robertson says:

    Hello Reeds,
    We are having so much fun looking at all the photos and hearing how the mish is going. We would love to send you a card but cannot find an address for you in Ukraine. Can you forward? We prefer not to go through the pouch system as it is so restricting. We love you guys and will be looking forward to reading more about you mission. Love Tania

  3. tom says:


    Thanks for keeping track. This is the greatest time of our life together. Last night an area General Authority, Elder Mikulin, addressed the youth on the topics of entertainment and music and dress. He and his wife were wonderful, they bore a powerful testimony and hearts were touched.

    Tania, Karen will respond directly. The mail is very unreliable and there is nothing delivered directly, all mail goes through the pouch.

    Elder Reed

  4. Jana Lenon says:

    Dear Tom and Karen,
    It was great to see your pictures and have a sense of what is happening in your mission. Looks like the skating was fun! Didn’t see Elder Reed out there on the ice! What a fun Christmas party you had .
    We have had a great two days of rain. Over 4 inches and expect at least that much more in the next two days. It was overflowing the bridge down by our house and the stream was full. Now the sun is out but clouds expected tomorrow before noon with heavy heavy rains again. Making comfort food and having fun together. How are the scarves working out? Guess with the cold weather you have been having, you are wearing WARM clothes everyday inside and out.
    Gabi sends her love. She is doing homework and we just got back from YWYM joint activity. Its fun being with the kids and the leaders are really great.
    I miss you both always.
    Love, Jana

  5. Eric Smith says:

    Tom & Karen – you guys are wonderful! We miss our GREAT neighbors but we take solace in the fact that we had to give you up for such a worthy endeavor in serving a mission. You inspire me to start preparing to go on a mission myself. I’m ready…let’s go! ;-) Take care of yourselves and I look forward to seeing new posts.

  6. sharipova says:

    Hello-I don’t know you all, I just stumbled across your site when trying to find leaders in the Kharkov area. My husband is originally from Kharkov, Ukraine, but now works at the University of Oklahoma. I am in the Primary Presidency here, and we are trying to find some contact information for Primary leaders in Kharkov. Because of my husband’s ties to the city, we were interested in doing a service project for the children there–our primary wants to make scripture bags for the children of a ward in another country, and find out about those children, etc. If you have any contact information, we would really appreciate it if you could let us know! Sorry to bother you, just having trouble locating anyone that can help me to find a Kharkov area primary! My email is sharipova@gmail.com Thanks for your time!

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