A Wonderful Baptism!

This afternoon we witnessed the baptism of Alex, who has been one of the students in the English classes for a few years. He is very sincere about his commitment and will be a great addition to the priesthood in the church in Kharkov. He came to dinner at our home a few weeks ago, and we had a wonderful evening getting more acquainted with him other than just English class. The Elders have done a great job in teaching him the gospel.

Elders Steele and McArthur and Alex at our home for dinner

Elder McArthur, Alex, and Elder Steele before the baptism

Reeds and Alex after the baptism

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2 Responses to A Wonderful Baptism!

  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    Sincerity in commitment is so important in an investigator. How great to have another addition to the Priesthood quorums and, perhaps, future leadership in the Church there. :)

  2. The Mings says:

    Hey Favorite Friends,

    We finally were able to find your blog. Sis Diane Robertson helped us. We loved looking at your pictures and seeing what you have been up to. Obviously you are leaving your mark on the hearts of the Ukraine people. You have so much to share and offer. Too bad you didn’t bring your ice skates though, huh? Looks like those streets are treacherous. Maybe some steel cleat shoes are in order.

    You look so happy and busy with the Lord’s work. We will miss your soup at the evening with the authorities (CES). And we especially miss hearing your choir warm up.

    So glad you are friends, and hope to someday follow in your footsteps!

    Love you lots

    Talon and Stephanie

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