Winter in Ukraine

Even in the cold temperatures here, making a living continues to go on. The open markets are still operating with the vendors in heavy boots and coats trying to keep warm. Many of the walks are not cleared here as in the States, and the snow gets trampled down snow after snow. With temperatures causing the snow to melt and freeze again, thick layers of ice form everywhere. We have to be very careful as we walk. As we mince along over the ice we feel like the comedian, Tim Conway, when he used to do his routine of an old man walking!

Women selling their food at lunch time

An open area between apartment buildings that is solid ice - you could literally ice skate on it

The skies are overcast most days during the winter months here, and around the time of the winter equinox it starts getting dark around 3:30. In the morning it is light around 7:00. This lack of light caused Elder Reed’s solar battery in his watch to die! (This was a first, for sure!) So on the few days when we do see the sun, we put his watch in the window sill to soak up the rays. We’ve never appreciated the sun so much in our lives.

The watch basking in the sun!

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2 Responses to Winter in Ukraine

  1. Eric Smith says:

    It’s really interesting to see how the people live in Ukraine. Things we take for granted like clearing the streets.

  2. Wendi Jagerson says:

    Good ol’ Tim Conway. Those were funny skits. :D Better to walk like that, though, than to slip and hurt yourselves. And I sure would have a hard time with the skies being overcast that often. I’m like that solar watch–sunshine is very important to my well-being! :)

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