Our Modes of Transportation

When we travel up to Sumy to visit the institute and seminary, we take the train. Train travel is a major mode of transportation in Ukraine. When we travel on one we are always reminded of the old James Bond movies about Russia. The train station here is very large and quite beautiful. Another mode of transportation is the subway, called the Metro. Our third mode of transportation is our feet, which we use quite a bit!

Train station with holiday decorations in the square in front of the building

Inside the main area of the station

Ornate dome ceiling in the main area

Building adjacent to the station in the same square

Back of the station with a train ready to go

Secret agent, Sister Reed, in our coupe on the train

Platform in the Metro where you wait for the trains - sometimes this is so crowded you can hardly walk through it.

Metro just leaving the station

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    We walked a lot when I served in Philadelphia too. We rode the bus and elevated train as well. It sure does make you appreciate just being able to hop in a car and drive anywhere you need to go! :) The pictures of the train station really are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

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