The Ball for the Older Adults in our District

Ball DanceThe Young Single Adults organized and sponsored a ball for the older adults in the Kharkov District. They were responsible for advertisement, music, the program, food, decorations, and making sure everyone had a good time. They asked members of the different branches to help with all the different components, and everyone asked was more than willing to pitch in. Everything come together beautifully, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Ukrainians really know how to have fun at a dance. They have lots of different activities to get everyone involved and dancing. We’re going to bring some of these ideas back to the States! (CLICK ON THE BLUE WORDS BALL DANCE at the beginning of this commentary to see one of the dances.)

The Reeds with some branch members before the dancing started

Some of our YSa who organized the ball (they love to pose!) - the man on the right is the District Young Men's President who participated in the program

Adults doing a waltz presentation - Ukrainians appreciate dancing

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    Thanks for sharing that video. I guess that way, EVERYONE gets a chance to dance with everyone else. :)

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