Super Seminary Saturday

The District Y/M & Y/W Presidents plan and host a monthly activity. The activity for January was ice skating at a mall very much like the malls in America. The kids loved the activity and are pretty good skaters. Following our activity, refreshments were served. After the refreshments, we had a spiritual thought and lesson.

The building we met in was only heated in a few rooms (the temperature outside and inside was about 35 degrees F). We ended up in the small primary room and we were able to keep warm. The S&I professional, Yuri Orlov, from Donetsk presented a great lesson about choosing the right. Sister Reed organized a game to hone our Scripture Mastery skills; the game was called “capture the apple.” The incentive for the winners was a Snickers candy bar – seems to be a good motivator.

Pasha helping Vika

Tanya (the Christmas tree was in the center of the rink)

It's all just too much fun!

Vika and Fatima

Dasha and Sister Reed

A bunch of us together

Studying the mastery scriptures to prepare for the game

Grabbing for the apple to answer a question in the game

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

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