Wigilia – Christmas Eve! We had a American Christmas Eve with our missionaries, Sisters Bezdjian and Bown and Elders Stockford and Tingey. We didn’t have a 12 course meal as is the Polish tradition, or watch for the first star of the evening to appear in order to begin our festivities; but we still had a great time. We enjoyed our dinner together with lots of conversation, and then the Elders and Sisters planned a little skit to perform for us – we had to have an audience, so we were the perfect audience.

They had a great time planning the skit.

The skit was a great hit, and the audience couldn't stop its applause! They responded as actors do after a spectacular performance.

After the skit we watched one of the Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas performances of Music and the Spoken Word. That was a special Christmas treat for the missionaries and for us, too. We ended the evening with a candlelight reading of the beautiful story of the birth of the Savior found in the book of Luke and the singing of Christmas carols. We all shared our testimonies of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. It was such a wonderful Christmas Eve to be with our much-loved missionaries with whom we serve here in Poznan.

Merry Christmas from the Poznan missionaries!

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