St. Andrew’s Day

Last week at our English class in our apartment, Ania and Marcel showed us some of the Polish traditions for St. Andrew’s Day. One of them was to take a lighted candle and let the wax drip through the handle part of a key into a bowl of water. After the wax hardens in the water, take out the wax “scupture” and decide what it reminds you of. Then you relate what the shape is to the person to whom it belongs and tell some characteristics, traits, future events, etc. relating to that person. We thought Elder Reed’s resembled a brain, and Sister Reed’s looked like a phoenix! It was great fun and brought some laughs. We really enjoy meeting with these young people each week, and they are always teaching us something new about Polish culture.

Dripping the candle wax through the hole in the key handle

Marcel and Ania holding the wax creations and Elder Reed pointing to his still in the bowl

The wax creations on display

Another tradition was to take a shoe from each person in the group, put them in a line, then take the back shoe and move it to the front. You start this in a corner of the room and make the shoes move to the opposite corner of the room. The person whose shoe reaches the corner by being at the front of the line is the one who will get married first. And guess who it was . . . . Elder Reed!

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  1. kirsten says:

    I like the candle wax thing! Very fun! They have some neat traditions there.

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