Saturday Night Fireside

Last Saturday we had a fireside for Branch members and visitors on the topic of the Family Proclamation. We had 7 investigators there to learn about this wonderful proclamation to the world from our leaders about the importance of strong family units in society. Elder Reed opened the meeting with a few words about families, and then the people in attendance did the rest of the talking. One of the groups was to read and analyze the proclamation from the standpoint of a newborn baby coming into this world. The other group analyzed the document from the standpoint of an adult. Some thought-provoking discussion went on in each group, and some very interesting points were brought out. It was a great evening for all of us to reflect on circumstances in our own families and appreciation for our loved ones.

This was the baby group.

Here we have the adult group.

After their group discussions, a spokesman from each group reported their ideas to the whole group.

A good evening always includes some food!

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