A Delightful Evening

Last weekend we spent an evening with the Chwirut family, Michel, Gosia, and Natalie. Natalie is our only youth in the Young Women’s Organization, and we love her and are so grateful that she made the decision to be baptized over a year ago. We have been on some outings last summer with this family, and we always enjoy spending time with them. Gosia, her mother, prepared a most delicious meal for us, and the evening’s conversation was delightful. Michel speaks English, so he was our translator for the evening. Thanks – Gosia, Michel, and Natalie for such a great evening with you!

Gosia, Natalie, Michel, and Elder Reed

The star of the evening was Kubus, Natalie's guinea pig - what a cute little guy he is!

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    I’m sure Natalie appreciates having kind missionaries like you who care about her and her family. :)

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