Independence Day in Poland

This day commemorates Poland being made a country again at the end of WWI. Due to German occupation, this land did not appear on a map as a country for 123 years. Since that time, two more occupations have taken place, but Poland was still recognized as a country. Sandwiched between Western Europe and Eastern Europe, the history of this country has been a saga of war and occupation. But Poland is now doing better than it ever has throughout its history, and we are certainly privileged to be here.

Sacrament meeting talks were based on the topics of freedom and gratitude, and the words spoken gave us all spiritual food for thought and reminded us what a precious gift freedom is to all of us. The Branch had an obiad for members and visitors to celebrate this wonderful day with everyone bringing their favorite Polish food – and was it ever good! The special treat of the day was rogaly, which is made only in Poznan. It is a pastry which is rolled out, a filing is spread over it, then it is rolled up and shaped into big crescent rolls with frosting on top. This is the traditional dessert for Independence Day. They are absolutely delicious!

Grzegosz organized the meal and did a great job. Jola just can't wait to dig into the food!

Here is the group, minus several cooks still in the kitchen, gathering for the blessing on the food.

It was an outstanding spread of food made by some very good cooks. Notice the rogaly in the lower right in the picture. Such a delicious treat!

The happy feasters!

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