All Saint’s Day

One of the biggest holidays in Poland is All Saint’s Day which is November 1st. Families gather together to enjoy delicious food and to visit and decorate the graves of their deceased loved ones. It is a sacred holiday for the country, and everything is closed for the day so that people can enjoy their families and memories. The missionaries and Natalie came over to join us for dinner, and then we went to one of the cemeteries to get a feel for this special occasion in the evening hours.

Just outside the cemetery grounds, there were flowers for sale with which to decorate the graves.

Candles such as these were on sale by the thousands all around the city.

Graves were beautifully decorated, and the candle lights could be seen for acres and acres all around us as we walked through the grounds. It was a stunning and beautiful sight.

One memorial was almost solid candlelight.

Here we are on this beautiful fall evening in Poznan. This night was another occasion to gain an even deeper appreciation for this wonderful country and its people. We are so blessed to serve here as missionaries.

A week after All Saint's Day, we attended a funeral for one of our Branch member's neighbors. This is a daytime view of what we saw in the evening a week ago. The cemetery was like a beautiful flower garden in memory of loved ones.

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  1. kirsten says:

    Amazing! That’s really neat to see the grave yard decorated. The candles too! Awesome.

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