Pierogi Night

At our Tuesday night English class in our apartment, we had a pierogi night where the young adults showed us how to make pierogi. Several weeks ago we had a pancake night and introduced them to American pancakes with buttermilk syrup, so this was a great time for them to introduce us to some Polish food. Pierogi is one of the favorite foods of the Polish people, and it truly is delicious with all the different fillings they use. We have enjoyed getting to know these wonderful young adults who come for English, and we look forward to getting together each week.

Patricia, Ania, and Marcel are getting ready to put the fruit-filled pierogi for dessert in the pot ready to boil. Earlier we made pierogi with meat filling and some with potato filling.

Pierogi ready to eat!

They liked our pumpkin called Jack and tried on our Halloween attire.

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  1. kirsten says:

    This looks good. You’ll have to remember how to make it so we can have it when you get home.

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