Another Trip to Szczecin

It was apartment check time once again, and we made our once-in-every-nine-week trek to Szczecin. We always enjoy these one day jaunts (maybe not a jaunt – six hours of driving time), and the countryside was vibrant with beautiful fall colors. The Elders are working hard in this city, and their attendance at church, which was about 6 when we first started coming here, has increased to 10. For us, here in Poland, this is significant!

When we come to Szczecin we try to see something different in the city each time. Last Monday the Elders were going to tour the underground air raid shelters used during WWII and the bomb shelter connected to it used during the Cold War years. This was quite a fascinating experience to get a glimpse of these troubled times in the history of this country. Szczecin was a German city at the time of the war, so the bombing of the city was done by Americans and British planes. The bombs were strategically dropped preserving government buildings or buildings that could be used after the war for administration.

The touring group - Elder Garfield, Kasia (being taught by the missionaries), Dagmara (a member of the Branch), Elder VanBakel (from Netherlands) and Elder Reed

Elders do like to have fun! This was a dramatic mannequin in the lobby, and the Elders had to join him.

In the air raid shelter there were toys used years ago for children who spent time there.

This poor guy has been stuck in the shelter for a long time!

In the kitchen area there was a game which was played to occupy time in the shelter. Who can eat their food faster with the spoons chained together?

Communication equipment during the war

The original tunnel under the city was made by one of the kings in the 1700 or 1800′s. This was expanded to be a huge tunnel with concrete walls 3 meters thick for war time safety for the citizens. The shelter is located under the present day railroad station in Szczecin. After the war the shelter was used for a radiation shelter during the Cold War and had various areas for administration and training.

One area was for gas mask training. Our tour guide challenged the Elders to see who could get their mask on the fastest.

The masks ready to go. The bomb shelter looks just the way it did in the 50's and 60's and has been preserved with no alterations or restorations.

A small and stark medical room

Radiation attire still hanging in the same spot

A small room filled with the air filtration system for the shelter

This is a sampling of the glorious color of Poland this time of year. The drive to and from Szcczecin was delightful and just made us more aware of the blessings of serving in this beautiful and interesting country.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    I’ve enjoyed the beautiful fall leaves here as well. And today was the first snow of the season. I wasn’t quite ready for that yet! :)

  2. kirsten says:

    Yeah, this bomb shelter is not nearly as nice as the shelters they build for people on that TV show I was telling you about. :) However, pretty sophisticated in it’s time probably. I like the hats too. How lucky you got to wear those!

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