More of Beautiful Warsaw

After the Sunday session of District Conference, a few of us from Poznan spent a couple of hours in the city before returning home. We went to the city center to enjoy the cultural flair of Warsaw and it’s sights.

At the end of the Sunday session of Conference and before we toured the city, we captured the Poznan crew on camera - Elder and Sister Reed, Eva (being taught by the missionaries) Arseni, Marta, Marian, and Regina (being taught by missionaries). We were hoping that more of our Branch could attend, but we were delighted that these members could come.

One of the war memorials with soldiers at their posts

While were were walking in this square, we met a woman from New Zealand who is a member of the church. Michelle Broczek has Polish heritage and is teaching English in this country.

Kosciol Karmelitow, The Church of the Karmelites - 1780

A beautiful monument for one of the famous Polish poets

Carriages in the square waiting for some riders - we were tempted, but decided we wouldn't take the time.

Check out this street sign!

This beautiful and moving memorial commemorates the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Poland was occupied by Germany, and the citizens of Warsaw organized a rebellion to overthrow German rule in this city. The citizens were defeated, many lives were lost; and Hitler, in his anger against the people, commanded his troops to completely destroy the city, which they did.

This part of the memorial shows a man climbing out of the sewer opening. This was the way the protesters traveled from one part of the city to another during the Uprising.

On a wall in the memorial site the symbol of the Uprising is shown.

On the way back to the car we saw an interesting sight. This is a theater of performing arts for university students.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    That hand statue is pretty cool in the last picture. :)

  2. kirsten says:

    Poland really has come a long way since WWII. It’s pretty amazing how beautifully they’ve rebuilt and restored the old buildings and designs. It seems like the people really appreciate what their country has been through and they remember.

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