District Conference

We are in the Warsaw District, so our District Conference was in that city last weekend. There were around 180 people there from the various cities, and the talks and meetings were inspirational and well prepared. Since our Poznan Branch is so small, it’s a great uplift for us to attend meetings with so many members from the country. The Saints are the same throughout the world. Whenever we get together with other members, even if we’ve never met them, we feel a wonderful bond of brotherhood and sisterhood among us. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a great treasure in all of our lives.

The beautiful chapel in Warsaw - Warsaw has two Branches; the other Branch meets in a building closer to the center of town.

The chapel is located on the edge of a beautiful park which is a commemoration of war torn Warsaw, and also a cemetery for soldiers and citizens.

Since we arrived early on Saturday morning, we strolled around the park and saw this moving sculpture depicting the agony this country has gone through. Notice the broken chest, but yet the person is still alive. Poland has been divided and split apart so many times, but it has still survived and is much alive today.

As we wandered through the cemetery, we saw acre upon acre of these beautiful and well cared-for grave sites.

Since our husbands had meetings to attend before the late afternoon session, Sister Tarasevich (serving in Lodz) and I went to the old city square to see some of the sights.

The weather was beautiful, it was Saturday, so the citizens were out talking advantage of all of this.

A view of the square from the steeple of one of the churches

Before the Saturday session of Conference, there was a table set up for children to decorate cookies.

There was pizza for everyone, and the members from Warsaw brought desserts for the group. There was a bake-off contest with the desserts, and here are the judges of the bake-off.

The crowd waiting for the decision from the judges.

The grand winner with her daughter - the prize was well-suited for a good cook!

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2 Responses to District Conference

  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    I agree that it’s always a great feeling to be in a large gathering of Saints. We were able to attend the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference and I was thankful for that opportunity. :)

  2. kirsten says:

    How great they had activities for kids too! So this was a whole family conference then? That’s a good idea! The chapel there is beautfiul!

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