A Wonderful “P” Day

On Monday Grzegorz, one of our young adults in the Branch, invited the Elders and us to his home for lunch and afterwards a visit to one of Poznan’s most interesting museums. Grzegorz made a delicious meal with native Polish flair which we all enjoyed immensely. We all agreed – he is a great cook! The museum was a very unique experience, and we are glad he opened this opportunity for us to visit it. It is a 30X30 foot model of ancient Poznan with miniature buildings, dwellings, churches, rivers, trees, carts and horses, cattle, etc. The history of the ancient city is then narrated with sound effects, lighting, and special effects of fire and smoke as fires occurred through the ages. The presentation covered a time period between the 900′s to the 1800′s AD. It was most interesting and informative. Thank you, Grzegorz, for a great day!

The delicious spread at the home of Grzegorz

This was a sight to behold! Sister Reed grew up in South Dakota, Sioux Indian territory, and as we walked to the museum we passed a restaurant which is called Sioux Steak Ranches. The Indian is right there on the sign and the Old West wagon wheel out in front. We'll have to try their steaks sometime. Seeing this was just a little taste of home in Poznan, half way around the world!

The model of the city had miniature buildings such as these. We couldn't take pictures inside the display, but these models were in a display case in the lobby.

Another sample of the miniature structures

The knight was joined by some other knights in the lobby - Elder Reed, Grzegorz, Elder Skolimowski, and Elder Tiner.

And, of course, while we waited to enter the display room, the knights had to get into action.

This is part of the ancient wall which surrounded the city in medieval times. This part has been restored with brick.

A section of the original wall - it's amazing to us to think of what this wall has experienced throughout the centuries.

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