Zone Conference

Last week we had a very spiritual and informative Zone Conference in Bydgoszcz, a city north of Poznan. We had Elders and Sisters there from 3 different Districts, and it was enjoyable to be with them and President and Sister Nielson. These Zone Conferences always give all of us the boost and inspiration we need to work harder and be more effective as missionaries. The Elders and Sisters from Poznan and Szczeszin were to come on the train together, but they accidentally got on the wrong train and didn’t discover it until they were 20 kilometers going the opposite way from Bydgoszcz. After exploring their options, they found they couldn’t get to Bydgoszcz on time for the Conference and took a train back to Poznan. We will have a mini-Conference in a couple of weeks for this group. These things happen at times in the mission field. It’s a good thing President Nielson is understanding and flexible!

While we were waiting for the Poznan missionaries to come, the assistants to the President got a phone call from them telling of their fateful journey. They were in Konin when they were informed they were on the wrong train.

Here we are waiting for another phone call telling us if they had figured out how to get to Bydgoszcz in time for the Conference.

Here are the missionaries in attendance at the Conference. Guess who the empty chairs are for?

A picture was taken of each District in our Zone. The Reeds were the Lone Rangers!

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2 Responses to Zone Conference

  1. kirsten says:

    So this is a small group for a zone conference. How many missionaries were you missing?
    You guys look quite dashing I might add. I think the air there is making you younger!

  2. Wendi Jagerson says:

    That’s too bad about the missionaries getting on the wrong train. I’m sure that was frustrating and disappointing to them. I agree with Kirsten. You both look great in your district picture. :)

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