Institute Night

We had a great Institute night this week with a lesson being taught by Elder Sorn and Elder Skolimowski about repentance. We went through the five steps of repentance in a most spiritual way, and we all felt the importance of keeping ourselves square with the Lord. We know His commandments are not to be trifled with if we are to live with Him once again.

After the lesson we had a fun game taught by Sister Allen and Sister Folsom which was an object lesson furthering the concept of how the atonement of our Savior helps us in the repentance process and how we can help each other.

The cup was full of water, and we had to pick it up with the ropes and take it down the stairs to the destined goal, outside the front door. If water was spilled, more was put in to show how the atonement will help replenish us to continue to reach our goal.

We reached our goal by carefully working together. The lesson here - we can all help each other in the repentance processes we all go through.

Watermelon and ice cream bars were the treat for the evening. They were quite refreshing since it's very hot here in Poznan presently. The humidity seems to almost double the temperatures!

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