Women’s Conference in Warsaw

Last Friday and Saturday a Relief Society Conference was held in Warsaw for all the sisters in the country. It was a very uplifting experience for all who went and was a great opportunity for the women of the church to greet old friends and make new ones. President and Sister Nielson addressed the group along with other talks, presentations, craft projects, and, of course, food.

There were six of us who rode the train over to Warsaw. Left - Grazyna, Marta, Gosia, Dagmara ( who came from Szczecin and met us at the train station) Malgozata, and Sister Reed (who took the picture)

All the sisters met in the Mission Home for the opening gathering. Here is the beginning of the gathering.

The husbands of our senior missionaries had a wonderful barbeque dinner for all of us. There were about 55 people there that night.

The group that stayed in the Mission Home that night. The other sisters from out of town stayed at hotels close by.

There was a getting acquainted activity as the Saturday session opened. On the wall were photos of all the Polish sisters attending the Conference.

Visiting Teaching was one of the topics addressed at the meeting. These sisters are doing some roll-playing showing the right and wrong ways to go about it.

Sister Nielson also addressed the topic of Visiting Teaching.

A sister from one of the Branches demonstrated how to make necklaces and bracelets using strips of cloth and nuts similar to a walnut in a shell, only a little smaller in diameter.

Our sisters displaying their jewelry

The group with their newly-made jewelry

Sister Reed got to the craft table a little late and only a few pieces of material and one nut were left. This woman who is being taught by the sisters in Warsaw helped me position the nut just in the right place!

These are the sisters in the District Relief Society Presidency. On the left is a sister from America and the other members are from Warsaw. They did an outstanding job of organizing the Conference.

Quite a few boxes of pizza arrived for lunch.

The District Young Women President had a birthday that day. Her two daughters had cakes for her, one with a 1 candle and the other with an 8 candle. They talked about her being 18, and then switched places and talked about her being 81. It was quite clever. Then we all sang the Polish birthday song to her.

The final project was making a decoupage bookmark.

After the Conference we had a few hours for ourselves before our train left for Poznan. We went to a mall close to the station with a good view of parts of the city. Warsaw was almost flattened during WWII, and the present Warsaw is a combination of buildings built right after the war and new, modern construction.

On the top floor of the mall where the eating area is located, there is a beautiful glass-domed ceiling.

Looking skyward exposes the old and the new construction of Warsaw.

We walked around this massive palace constructed during time of the Communist occupation of the country.

Part of the palace building - it is used nowadays for theater productions, an information center is there, and numerous other offices.

Here we saw a great idea for a wall - if you don't mind carrying rocks!

Close to the palace were fountains and pools of water. The day was very hot, and people were wading in the fountains. This pool is a popular swimming place for the citizens here.

These are smiles of relief. We accidentally got on the wrong train and discovered we were headed for Wroclaw rather than Poznan. After a few minutes of panic, Gosia and Marta figured out plan B. We got off at a station on the west side of Warsaw, and, luckily, the train to Poznan had not come through yet. The other sisters who rode down with us had gone earlier, so they didn't have to go through the trauma with us.

As missionaries in Ukraine and now in Poland, we have experienced the wonderful bond of love and friendship the gospel of Jesus Christ brings into our lives. Brotherhood and Sisterhood dispels any differences in us because of race, culture, or color. We have a common love for our Savior and our Heavenly Father and want to please and serve them and our fellow beings. These two missions have been and are the most uplifting, challenging, and enriching experiences we have ever had together. It is truly a joy to labor together in spreading to others the true gospel of Jesus Christ and inviting them to “Come unto Christ.”

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    I like the pictures of the old palace. And you look beautiful in that last picture. Thank you for sharing your testimony. :)

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