Father’s Day with a Polish Family

Last Saturday was Father’s Day in Poland. Marta, one of our young adults, invited us to spend the afternoon with her family and to celebrate the special day with them. We have visited them once before, and both times we have absolutely loved being with them. In spite of being the only member in her family, Marta has a rock-solid testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and she plans on serving a mission next year when she turns 21. The family lives in a small village about 20 kilometers from Poznan. They are surrounded by beautiful forests and fields filled with vegetables growing to be marketed in the late summer and fall. It’s a beautiful and peaceful spot. We truly love this family.

Some neighbors joined us for the celebration, too. We took the griddle to their home and made pancakes with strawberries and buttermilk syrup. This was Marta's request so that her family could enjoy the pancakes we have been making for Branch activities.

The happy fathers - Elder Reed, Marta's Dad, and their neighbor, Marek

We took the Corn Hole game with us, and here Marta's Mom and Dad, and her two sisters are playing. We also played Bonko and the silly circle staring game. Her family loved the games - they are really a fun-loving family.

Sister Reed asked Marta's Mom if she could see their garden. This is the most beautiful vegetable garden she had ever seen - not a weed in it and perfect rows of healthy, thriving vegetables. They gave Elder Reed a radish to eat which was the size of a baseball. He loved it! Their garden borders a huge field of turnips which looked ready to harvest at any time now.

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  1. kirsten says:

    Wow, that’s a big garden! So, is that purplish pink car yours? It’s pretty cute. :)

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