A Trip to Szczecin, Close to the Baltic Sea

Last Monday we went north to a city called Szczecin where the church has a small branch – six members. We needed to check the apartment of the two missionaries in the city. Szczecin is very close to the Baltic, and it is a shipping port for a great deal of cargo which comes into the country. The city is by a large lake which has a canal to the Sea. It was a most enjoyable trip enabling us to see more of this wonderful country. Our two Elders there, one from the Netherlands and the other from California, are working very hard to build the branch, and they are having some success.

As we drove north we saw acres and acres of corn fields and thick dense forest areas.

This is a typical village we drove through. The highways are very good here and well-maintained.

We drove under some very interesting bridges.

This was an all-time first for us. As we were driving to the Elder's apartment in Szczecin, there were policemen stopping the traffic downtown. We wondered what was going on, and then discovered it was a tractor parade! They were tooting their horns and all had Polish flags on them. Apparently, they were protesting something, but we never did find out what.

As we ate lunch at Subway - they have these all over, plus McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and KFC - we saw several large groups of school children all in red T-shirts going on a field trip of some kind. We have seen this in Poznan also, since it is the end of the school year next week.

The Elders took us to one of their high rise buildings which has a circular view of the city. Here we could see the port.

Another part of the city

A closer view of part of the port

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  1. kirsten says:

    What a beautiful, clean country. Things look much better maintained than in Ukraine.

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