A Branch Activity

On Saturday afternoon we had a photo scavenger hunt as a Branch activity. Three groups raced around the area where the church is located to find various items on a list of about 15 things. We had 45 minutes to do this, and we had to enlist the good humor of many of the people on the street and in stores. After the time was over we viewed all of our pictures and laughed and enjoyed the creativity of the groups.

The men found some policemen kind enough to pose with them.

They had to borrow a hat from someone and put it on.

Another item was finding blue shoes.

They found a two-for-one sale sign which was also on the list.

Of course, we always enjoy food at the end of each activity.

Gosia, Michel, and Kate after we had viewed our pictures.

Agnieszka and Joseph are being taught the gospel by the Elders. They are both great people.

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  1. kirsten says:

    What fun. It looks like you had a good turn out. Do these two have a date set yet? They look like members already.

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