Young Women’s Conference in Warsaw

A Young Women’s Conference for the YW throughout the country was held in Warsaw last weekend. Sister Reed went to the Conference with Natalie, our only YW, since her mother could not attend the event. It was a wonderful weekend, and we were so thankful that Natalie had the opportunity to meet some of the other YW from the various cities throughout Poland. It was very well-planned and executed by the YW leaders in Warsaw. There were games, talks, testimonies, lots of food, and wonderful bonding among the girls. What a great event for our young women!

Opening the Conference was the YW District President, Ewona Jarosz (left), her daughter, Adrianna (who translated for her - she attends BYU) and our District President, President Dressler.

Lunch time for everyone, and then down to business

About a third of the group are Americans whose fathers are working here in the Embassy or on various construction projects around the country.

A series of games were played to illustrate different gospel principles which were discussed after each game. The object of this game was to get the gummy worms out of the whipped cream.

This game not only taught a gospel principle, but was a great team-builder.

This was a game where by following certain rules, the girls had to get everyone to the other side of the spider web.

Another way to get to the other side

Success! The jubilant group after everyone made it to the other side.

This is the chapel in Warsaw where the Conference was held. There are two chapels in the city.

Next on the agenda was a trip to the planetarium. Here we are waiting to get in to the presentation.

From the planetarium there is a beautiful view of the river which runs through the city.

We had dinner at the Mission Home and then the girls worked on a craft. President Nielson addressed the girls during their night at the home.

In the morning the girls practiced a song which they sang during sacrament meeting at the other chapel in Warsaw.

During the YW class at church on Sunday, one of the Branch YW leaders created a beautiful lesson in which the girls participated. The lesson was based on Elder Uchtdorf's classic talk on the flower, Forget-Me-Not.

It was a wonderful weekend for Natalie and myself. Natalie speaks little English, and I speak little Polish. The dictionary was used quite a bit on our train rides to and from the Conference. Sisterhood has no limits or boundaries when you are a member of the Lord's Church. I'm thankful to be a missionary in His service.

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2 Responses to Young Women’s Conference in Warsaw

  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    That was really nice of Sister Reed to attend with Natalie. The last picture of them together is very sweet. :)

  2. Jana Lenon says:

    Dear Karen,
    Happy Birthday dear friend. Its nice to see all the pictures of the great looking people in your FHE and YW groups. I am sure you are loving what you are doing. I am thinking of you and our years of friendship and celebrating our birthdays together these last years.
    I just had my surgery 4 weeks ago today and am doing great. Walking a lot with Larry and he helps me with my exercises. I couldn’t do it without him. He has been my hero.
    I am a little tired today, had a big outing to the mall to get Larry an anniversary card. Ann took me as I can’t drive yet, but its tired me out and I need a nap! But each day I do more than the day before and can move my legs more fluidly and in greater degrees back and forth. Soon, I will be better than before!
    I miss you both but am so happy you are about the Lord’s business.
    Been reading Thomas Monson’s book “To the Resuce” each day and it brings me joy. Lovely to have the quiet time.
    Hugs and kisses and happy birthday wishes.

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