Malta Lake

We live about half a block from a beautiful lake called Malta Lake. The lake itself is used primarily for boating competition, and a couple of weeks ago an international kayaking and canoeing competition was held there. Located all around the lake are wonderful sports facilities for Poznan to enjoy. We walk around the lake to keep ourselves healthy and fit as we serve here. It not only good exercise for us, but it’s a beautiful, refreshing walk.

This is a view of the lake looking down from the end where we live.

A view of the Malta Mall - our apartment is on the right in the picture.

On the end of the lake opposite from our apartment are grandstands for the competitions. We noticed that in front of the grandstand at the far end of the lake, sand volleyball courts are being put in where the kayak racks are during competitions. It appears that there will be another kind of competition here.

There is a summertime ski and tubing run plus a luge run along side the lake. We've seen some tubers, but not any skiers as yet.

On the opposite side of the lake is a huge swimming facility - big outdoor pool with several slides and a big building with multiple pools inside.

We've watched two families of little ducklings grow since we got here two months ago.

And now the frogs are out in full force. They are a loud, talkative bunch.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    What a beautiful lake to walk around. I really like the picture of the ducks and ducklings. :)

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