A “P” Day Outing

On our P Day (personal day) last week we visited the zoo at the end of the lake by which we live. We took a little train which runs from our end of the lake to the zoo on the other end. We call this little train our “Thomas the Train”, and we’ve told one of our grandson’s, Talon, about our train since he is enthralled with the real Thomas the Train. We can hear the engine tooting each day from our apartment. We were impressed with the zoo and its beautiful habitats for the animals.

Sister Reed, the engineer - but only for a picture

Most of the animals were given plenty of room to roam.

There are four lakes in the zoo area, all very picturesque.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    That’s a fun picture of Sister Reed. I bet your grandson will love seeing it. :)

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