A Branch Activity

There was a Branch activity a couple of weekends ago where we went to the center of the city and toured a museum, since it was free admission night. This was the same museum we had visited for a YW activity, but this night there were interesting games set up for the patrons to enjoy. Three of the members came to the activity, four friends they had invited, and the sister missionaries and us. There was also a play in the middle of the Center Square performed by one of the performing arts schools in Poznan which was excellent entertainment.

The museum had artifacts and displays depicting the history of this area of the world.

A game at the museum which looked like a building communities type of game.

As we looked down upon another room in the museum we could see this interesting game for children.

The object of this game was to get your marbles into the cups on the ends.

An ancient game of tossing small stones into the carved-out indentations in a rock.

The performance in the Square was a play about a King deciding who the princess would marry.

The King hosted a ball where all the dashing young men and the fair maidens danced the night away.

Two of the young suitors had hopes for the hand of the princess.

The chosen one was decided by a human chess game which was danced around the chess board to beautiful music.

The Knights battle it out, and through a bit of trickery by the princess her hand is given to her chosen one.

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