Where We Live

Our apartment is quite modern, convenient, and comfortable. We are across the street from a huge mall which has a grocery store in it, so shopping is convenient. There is an underground garage for our car, so we don’t have to brave the weather with getting in and out of it. About a block away is a large lake which is considered a great sports center in the summer time. There should be lots of action there in a few months. We’ll get some pictures when the outdoor season is in full swing.

The living room - which sometimes gets piled up with things we are studying and working on.

Comfy bed in a small bedroom (the extra image on the left of the bed is the mirror on the closet doors.)

The kitchen - not much working or storage space, but we make it work.

Taken from our balcony looking across the street at one side of the mall.

Looking down into the courtyard between our building and the building identical to ours. We are on the third floor.

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2 Responses to Where We Live

  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    I’m glad you have a comfortable, convenient place to live. Thanks for sharing pictures. :)

  2. Paula says:

    Love the apartment – very IKEA! But you must have to kneel at the foot of your bed to say your prayers!!

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