On Saturday we went with Elders Barton and Neal out to the countryside to say good-bye to a family we have grown to love. (We will be coming back to America in about two and a half weeks – where has the time gone?!) Elder Barton taught a lesson to encourage family appreciation and unity, then we split the group into men and women (boys and girls included) and had lessons on love for the women and priesthood for the men. They were well received and brought the Spirit into their home. After the lessons, the mother commented that our words were just what the family needed that very day. Life is not easy for them in so many ways. We again had a great dinner of soup and a potato dish. As we walked to the bus stop with the snow falling and listening to the crunch of our footsteps on the snow, we were so thankful that we had this opportunity to see them once again.

Elder Barton in conversation with the girls after the lesson

Sasha (6 years old) and Andre (13)

Dasha, who is 16 years old

We're always amazed that this dinner table can house their family plus the four of us when we come to visit.

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