Last weekend we took the overnight train to Kiev for a Temple trip with our YSA. They insisted that we have one more trip with them before we leave to go home. We again were in awe of the beautiful Kiev Temple. The Kharkov Saints are so dedicated and faithful in attending the Temple as often as they can. And for many it is a great sacrifice to make the trip. The young adults did baptisms, and those who are endowed did endowment sessions and sealings. There were many other adults from Kharkov attending the Temple on this particular weekend, and in one of the endowment sessions, they made up over one third of those in the session. These wonderful people are truly the backbone of the church here in Ukraine. We, along with them, are so very thankful for this Temple.

We thought you might be interested in these overnight train rides we take to the Temple with our youth. We give our money to one of the them who is in charge who purchases all the tickets. The young adults travel in the “economy car” on the train, and it is quite an experience for we foreigners who really don’t even ride trains back home. We are in a wagon (their name for train car) with about 80 other people, and we are all sleeping together like in a big bunkhouse. The berths are in groups of four coming out from the wall of the wagon, and then on the other side of the aisle through the wagon there are berths parallel to the aisle. We sleep in our clothes, go to the Temple in the same clothes, leave the Temple in the same clothes, and sleep again in them on the night train home. This mission never ceases to provide us with new adventures!

Elder Reed talking with Julia, one of our young adults

We were both in the aisle berths this trip and got to see everyone walking by. So much for privacy!

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