We have been helping the Elders in the Novae Doma Branch to teach a man named Yury. He is a Lutheran and has been investigating the church for several months. With our Lutheran background we thought we could answer some of his questions as he learns about the gospel. We have been helping the Elders for four or five months now, and we go out to the Branch for the meeting when our schedule is clear. Last week we had him and the Elders over for dinner at our apartment and had a good lesson. Yury still has many questions and concerns, however, we are praying that he will open his heart and mind to the promptings of the Spirit.

Elder Reed, Elder Rallison, Elder Scovill, and Yury - no, Elder Rallison didn't bring his accordian with him on the mission! One was left in our apartment and Elder Rallison plays the piano, so we brought it out just for fun to see if he could play it.

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