Saturday night was our monthly pancake night for the Institute. (Saturday was a pretty busy day!) The young adults continue to love this night together, and we have made them all fans of American pancakes and maple and buttermilk syrups.

Sasha, who was baptized about a month ago, is our newest Institute member. After some instruction he was one of the pancake flippers for the evening.

Some pancake fun going on

In the center is Vlad, whom we have all been working with to bring him back into full activity in the church. We were so glad to see him that evening.

The pancake group getting set to play some board games

Sasha and Mashi were the cooks for the evening. Under Sister Reed's supervision, they mixed the batter at the beginning of the event, and both of them flipped them on the griddle. They turned out to be pretty good cooks!

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    Sister Reed looks beautiful in that blue blouse and sweater. :)

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