On America’s celebration of Thanksgiving we went to the English school where we help for a little Thanksgiving party they were having. The Ukrainians like to celebrate our American holidays, but certainly not in the fashion that America does. Miss Ann, who is the teacher, asked us to tell a story and do some games with the children. Sister Reed told the story of the first Thanksgiving in America (in a very brief form), and then we had a couple of games for the kids to play. One was a popcorn relay, and the other was to pass the pumpkin game around a circle and chant a rhyme as it was passed. Whoever ended up with the pumpkin had to say what they were thankful for. The kids really got into both games. After the games they all shared food which they had brought for the occasion.

The popcorn relay game

We had a little clean-up after the game was over.

Getting ready for the circle game

They needed help saying what they were thankful for in English.

Enjoying the food which they all brought

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