On November 15 we left for a CES senior couples conference in Antalya, Turkey, which is on the Mediterranean coast. About 20 couples from various Eastern European missions attended the conference. We all gained new information about our callings, exchanged ideas for activities and programs, felt warm camaraderie among us, and departed truly edified. On one of the afternoons of the conference, we visited the ruins of the ancient city of Perge. The Apostle Paul taught in this city as mentioned in Acts 13 and 14. Antalya is referred to also, but the spelling is Attalia and Perge is spelled Perga. To view biblical history such as this was a most fascinating and interesting excursion for all of us.

On the train to Kiev where we were to travel to Antalya by air, we sat across from this couple, Tanya and Alex, who were going to London for a vacation. They both spoke English, and we had a delightful conversation.

As we were traveling on the bus to our hotel outside of town, we noticed large barrels on top of the roofs of the buildings. We learned the high cost of energy encourages solar water heating.

This is the resort hotel where the conference was held. In the summertime it probably is highly populated, but we were there during off-season.

Our location was on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

There were cats all around the hotel, inside and out. They were beautiful and well cared-for.

Our meetings in a typical conference room in the hotel.

There were two wonderful missionary couples serving from Russia at the conference. Their translator is in the middle. He is the coordinator of seminary and institute in St. Petersburg.

Some of the ruins of Perge

One of the arches, notice the keystone

Detailed carving on some of the stone

Carvings on one of the pillars

Perge must have been a beautiful city.

More of the ruins

One of the Roman baths

An area showing a water heating system

Sister Reed in the ruins

The architecture was fascinating.

The Roaches and the Reeds - the Roaches serve in Ukraine in Dnepapatrosk.

This is the fountain from which flowed the main water source for the city. The trough carried the water through the middle of the city. The goddess Diana is lying across the front of the fountain.

A plug used in the waterway through town.

One of the entrances to the stadium - in the left archway there were vendors when there were events at the stadium.

Inside the stadium - just imagine all the things that went on inside this stadium.

Stadium seating - just imagine how hard these seats were!

One morning we witnessed the beautiful sunrise on the Sea.

The sun illuminated the mountain inland. The seashore was rocky, no sandy beaches.

The cats were out there witnessing the sunrise with us.

The rocky, bare mountains rise up almost next to the Sea (taken on the bus on our way to the airport).

The whole group at the fountain

The official picture of the senior missionaries

On the way home we had a layover in Kiev, and four of us couples did two endowment sessions in the Temple. It was a perfect way to end a most wonderful week.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    I especially loved the sunrise picture and the one with the cats on the beach. I’m thankful to read that you had such a great and inspiring trip. :)

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