On the 13 of November we accompanied the young adults to the Kiev Temple to do baptisms and endowments. It was very spiritual and uplifting experience for all of us. Many of the YSA had never done baptisms at the Temple before. This was the first time we had seen the interior of the Temple. It is absolutely beautiful. There are Ukrainian patterns on the woodwork and glass in the rooms as well as other designs indicative of Ukraine. The Saints in this part of the Lord’s vineyard are truly blessed with a beautiful House of the Lord, and their strong faith makes them truly deserving.

The train trip was an interesting experience for us. It was an overnight train trip, so we all slept in berths which were in compartments, but with no doors for privacy. We all slept in our clothes, got up in the morning, freshened up a bit, wore the same clothes, went to the Temple and to a fireside that evening, and slept in the same clothes on the way home in an overnight train. This is very common to the people here, but it was a new adventure to us! It’s like sleeping in a big bunkhouse with everyone! We still haven’t gotten used to sleeping on the overnight train rides, even in a private coupe.

The train conductors look pretty official.

One of our young adults, Vitalic, received his own endowment that day. He is planning on serving a mission soon.

The Temple President and his wife opened their apartment for all of us to have lunch there after one of our baptismal sessions.

When we left the Temple that evening, it looked like this. Our cups were filled spiritually and our testimonies were strengthened. Nothing can compare to The House of the Lord.

That evening before we left for the train to go back home, we gave a fireside on the topic, Building Zion, to the Kiev and Kharkov young adults. The two groups love to get together whenever they can.

Natasha, a returned missionary, was our translator for the fireside. She has been accepted at LDS Business College in SLC and is waiting for VISA approval to come.

On the next day, Sunday, President Galbraith and his wife (Temple President and matron), presented a fireside to the District in Kharkov. There were about 100 in attendance. These are some of the YSA and the adults who were in attendance. The members love the Galbraiths, since they served here in our capacity in 2008.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    It sounds like you probably didn’t get much sleep on the train! It was neat to see pictures of the future missionary and the returned missionary. And the temple at night looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)

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