We had an interesting experience last week. In early October a high school friend, Dave Leonard, whom Elder Reed hadn’t seen since high school wrote him an email saying that he had seen his biography at their high school reunion last summer. Dave said that he was coming to Kharkov in November and wondered if they could have lunch together. Last week we were out doing missionary apartment checks, and we got a call from Dave. We met him for lunch that day and found that he was here for a week with an international Christian organization doing some of the same things that we are doing. They teach the gospel and also teach English to whomever wants to come. It was fun for Elder Reed to reconnect with Dave after all these years (and it has been a lot of years!). We thought it quite interesting, though, that after all that time they would meet again half way around the world from home. This mission continues to bring new surprises to us, many more than we ever anticipated.

The three of us outside the Ukrainian Kitchen where we had lunch.

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  1. kirsten says:

    It’s a small world after all :)

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