On October 30 the Institute had a Halloween party for the Primary children in the District which was a huge success. Rooms were decorated with mazes for the children to go through, another room had the goblin catcher guiding them through an obstacle course, in one room you had to count all the ghosts you could find, etc. The young adults went all out to make the party memorable and fun for the kids. Halloween is not celebrated as extensively in Ukraine as it is in the U.S., but it seems to get bigger with every passing year. We all need an excuse to dress up and have a party!

Mashi decorating the stairs leading to the decorated rooms

Alina making the puppet show sign

The Institute created their own puppet show to begin the evening.

The golbin catcher in the obstacle course - the lights were out in this room when the kids went through it, but the flash of the camera exposed all the mystery.

The kids following the arrows through the maze

Find the ghost room - there was also ultraviolet light in this room to make all the white ghosts quite visible.

One of the young adults made a pinata, but he made it with paper strips soaked in Elmer's glue. It almost took dynamite to break it!

The costumes were great fun for the kids as well as the young adults.

Even Michael Jackson with the white glove

Some of the Primary

Fatima and Veeka (somehow Veeka got her hair back to normal after the party!)

We had to dress for the occasion! Our activity was the Witch's Fishing Pond where they each got a little toy.

The group

After the party the Institute had a birthday party for Pasha (in the center holding some goodies).

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  1. kirsten says:

    I’m thinking we could get the YM & YW to do this for the primary for a service project . . . what a good idea!

  2. kirsten says:

    Xane says that your halloween costumes are silly! He also wants to say that he loves you very much! He also wants you to know that he has a headlight with his name on it and that we’re having another baby (which you already know), and that he wants to go to the pumpkin patch soon. He’s also excited for when you come home and stay at our house.

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