The Institute Council planned a service project for a hospital for mentally handicapped women here in the city. Forty blankets are needed for the hospital, and Saturday evening we made half of them. This was the best turnout for a service project since we’ve been working with the YSA. There was a wonderful spirit in the group as we all worked together on the project. The blankets will be presented to the hospital at Christmastime.

Vasia, one of our Institute members, went with us to get the fleece at Barabishova, one of the biggest outdoor markets in the country.

The project is being coordinated through the Humanitarian couple here in Kharkov, Elder and Sister Burr, from Orem, Utah.

Cutting the fabric

The Institute room was full of tables, people, and blankets.

Even the guys got into it!

Alina, Mashi, and Fatima

Luda, Veka, Anya and Bek

Elder and Sister Burr

Anya and Sister Reed - Anya is our translator for firesides, teacher training sessions, etc.

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2 Responses to SERVICE PROJECT

  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    What a nice, sunny, yellow color for the blankets! :)

  2. kirsten says:

    wow grandma you sure are looking yong! you look yonger than my mom! are you sure your old enough to be my grandma? wow grampa you sure are looking yong! you look yonger than my dad! are you sure your old enough to be my grampa? from ayla to grandma and grandpa!

    Ayla loves you guys too! This blanket activity looks like fun. So they sell the fleece like that in a market? That’s pretty cool you didn’t have to special order or anything.

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