Saturday afternoon we had two less active women who are Institute age over for lunch. They are both well-educated and are working here in the city. And to make things easier, they both speak English! Andre, one of our Institute men, came over, too, since he knows one of them quite well. Our prayer is to get them back into full activity once again.

Andre, Elder Reed, Mariana, and Lilia

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    I’m sure that makes everything much easier when people speak English over there! :)

  2. Cherie Garr says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. It gives us many ideas to do when we get our mission call next year. We are still enjoying the MTC. We now have had 700 missionaries go through our Branch 24 in the 15 months we have been here. We had Elder Scott this week and last week we had Elder Nelson. So many wonderful devotionals! So inspiring for the missionaries! The spirit was so strong.
    We had a first snow fall last night and today about an inch.
    You look so happy and doing so much good. We love you and appreciate your example.
    Have a nice week. I’ll try to comment more. It has been a busy year, but it is slowing down now. I just got back from two weeks at Natalie’s at Fort Rucker Aalabama. It was a wonderful time to spend with them and their four children.
    They just got their new assignment to go to Germany. Randy, her husbands graduates from Helicopter school in Febuary and they will leave after that time
    Arnie is enjoying his last year teaching. We have our youngest son living with us until December. He is finishing his schooling. He plans to be a teacher.
    Thanks again for sharing all of your wonderful experiences and pictures.
    What a blessing to serve the Lord in a beautiful place.
    Take care and know we pray for you each day and for your success.
    All our love,
    Cherie Garr

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