We have two new Institute and Seminary teachers in Sumy. Seminary this year has three regularly attending students, and we are excited because this is one of our “large” classes. (picture included) The teenagers struggle here because of peer pressure and family inactivity. We spend a considerable amount of effort with this age group to encourage them to come to Seminary and come to Church and let them know we love them. The challenge is that there are so few in each branch that they feel very isolated, and in a Seminary situation often times there is only one student to respond to questions.

The Sumy Institute is very small compared to Institute in Kharkov. There are five potential students and only two attend. Both of our teachers are first year teachers. The lessons that were presented were well prepared and presented, and most importantly, testimony was borne and the spirit was felt. The Institute teacher just graduated from Institute last year. (picture included)

On Saturday we checked missionary apartments. We have excellent Elders who believe in clean apartments and collecting Ukrainian ties – we were impressed! (pictures included) As usual we take the missionaries out for pizza at a place called New York Pizza. The pizza is nothing like real New York pizza; they don’t use a tomato based sauce. However, the pizza always picks-up the missionaries spirits.

We met a local artist while we were walking from a missionary apartment to the Church. The missionaries introduced us to him and he showed us several of his paintings which were fascinating. (pictures included)

We attended the Investigator’s class on Sunday (General Conference is next Sunday for us) and the spirit was very strong as one of the missionaries bore testimony and challenged an investigator to be baptized. Because of translation delays for General Conference, it was Fast and Testimony Meeting. Sister Reed bore a powerful testimony in faltering Russian!

Seminary Class - the teacher has black sweater with red trim

Tanya is our Institute teacher in Sumy and her boyfriend is one of our YSA from Kharkov, Sergey. Once in a while we go on a double date with them.

Elder Young and his rainbow of ties

Elder Gardner and his display - one missionary went home with about 300 of them last summer!

This is the artist, Pavel Kovtun, whose art we had an opportunity to see. He has hundreds of paintings in his studio and needs help in finding a place to display them.

Some of Pavel's art work was included in a book of Sumy's prominent artists.

This is the actual painting that was pictured in the book. Most of his art work depicts Ukrainian history. Here is a soldier returning from the war.

The artist's impression of the oppression of the Ukrainian people.

As we walked through one of the parks on our way to our hotel, there was a herd of goats enjoying the park.

Life is good as the Lord's missionaries!

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2 Responses to A WEEKEND IN SUMY

  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    What a nice looking couple in that second picture–it’s great to know that LDS people all over the world can find each other like that. My RM brothers came home with a lot of ties also. Rob brought home a lot of them from Italy and Cory brought home over 100 from Japan. I guess when you have to wear the same thing and basically do the same thing over and over again, selecting a different color and style of tie each day would be a highlight. :) And you look so happy in that last picture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. kirsten says:

    That art work is pretty good. The people seem to be much more cultured over there than we are here.
    Dad, you’ll have to bring home some ties for John, Doug & Jer.

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