Last Saturday we had Teacher Training for all the Seminary and Institute teachers in the Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk Mission areas. About 40 attended the conference at the Donetsk Institute Building. It was a full day of training which started at 9:00 and continued until 6:30 in the evening. During the day the teachers each shared their class successes and challenges and goals. It was beneficial for the teachers to hear the comments of others, and it helped all us to realize that success can come, even from very small classes. A change of heart of even one student causes the heavens to rejoice. Yury, our S&I coordinator, started out the day teaching us about Zion, followed by the teachers sharing their experiences with their respective classes. The surprise speaker and main event of the day was hearing from our Kiev Temple President Galbraith and his wife. Elder and Sister Reed taught most of the afternoon on the topic of understanding and applying the scriptures. The day ended with a couple of scripture mastery games which Sister Reed had prepared.

Yury Orlov starting out the day - he is an excellent teacher and coordinates the S&I program very effectively.

A big highlight of the day was hearing from President and Sister Galbraith, the Kiev Temple President and Matron. They were in our position here in Kharkov a few years ago, and President Galbraith has also been a Mission President in Russia. They are a beloved couple of the people here.

Elder and Sister Roach from Salt Lake City have been in the country a week. They are the new S&I couple in the Dnipropetrovsk Mission.

Elder and Sister Aagard from Wyoming were at the meeting. They started out in Kharkov, went to work in the Mission Office in Donetsk, and soon will be going to Sumy to help with the branch there.


After the Reed's presentation on understanding and application of the scriptures, the teachers were put to work. Groups were assigned a scripture block and prepared and presented a lesson using the techniques learned.

Another group took a moment to smile at the camera.

The English speakers were put together in a group. The two Ukrainian girls on each end speak English very well.

Teachers presented their lessons to the others.

Another teacher presentation

The whole group outside the Mission Office and Institute building

It is very heart-warming to witness the dedication of these teachers of our youth. It is not an easy calling here in Ukraine, and there are many obstacles involved in the work. But their faith is strong, they love the Lord, and they are committed and dedicated to serve with all their might, mind, and strength. What a blessing it is for us, as instruments in the Lord’s hands, to be a part of this great work of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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