Last Saturday we started up Pancake and Game Night with the Institute after three months of a summer break. During the wonderful summer days and nights here in Ukraine, everyone would rather be outside enjoying picnics, sports days, etc. The young adults like to mix up and cook the pancakes, so we just bring all the makings, the griddle, and the tableware. They all love the American pancakes, and they love maple syrup (which isn’t to be found in Ukraine – Sister Reed found some Mapleline in the cupboard in the apartment). We also make a delicious buttermilk syrup which is a favorite, too. They played a board game afterward and then played the game “Sardines” throughout the second floor of the church building. They play most of the games we play in America, plus a few more – these young adults are great game-lovers!

YSA playing a game called Activity - it's great to see how much they enjoy spending time together.

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