At the beginning of the month we had Opening Night for Institute and Seminary. When this event was being planned, Elder Reed wanted to call it Kick-off Night, and the Institute Council looked him with a blank stare and said, “We don’t know what that is.” We’ve learned that you don’t bring Utah Mormonism to Ukraine! Thus, it was called Opening Night. The meeting started with four speakers, two of them youth, District President Kutusov, and Yury Orlav, our S&I coordinator for this part of the country. The students and parents then went to smaller rooms with their respective teachers to receive information about the upcoming course of study (Doctrine and Covenants) and requirements for this year. Everyone came back after the break-out time and formed four groups in the main meeting area. Each group was assigned a teacher, and they were given 15 minutes to memorize a certain mastery scripture, tell the principle it teaches, and relate an application for the scripture. They had great fun with this, and most could recite it perfectly as each group was given an opportunity to say it in unison to the other groups.

District President Kutusov gave some inspiring remarks to the group.

Elder Reed speaking to the Institute group during the break-out session of the evening. Yury was translating for him.

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