One of the sights we wanted to see was the Motherland statue in the city. We found the right bus to take, but didn’t know exactly where to get off. Sister Reed asked one of the passengers, and it just happened that she and her friend (who works at the Flower Festival) were going to the same place. Dorota (Dorothy in English), who was from Poland and living in Kiev, told us that the once-in-a-year event, the Flower Festival, was going on at the park where the statue is located. She offered to show us around, and she was a great tour guide! On the grassy hillsides of this park, floral arrangements were displayed depicting Ukrainian culture and customs, and they were breath-taking. The scenes were made totally of flowers (it reminded us of the Rose Bowl Parade, only not floats). Dorota explained the customs to us, which made the displays much more meaningful. It’s interesting how the Lord continuously puts people in our path who help us out in different situations. We’ve had this happen time and time again in the year we have been here.

Dorota and Sister Reed

Totally of flowers

Partridges, the love birds as the bride and groom in a marriage

Flowers showing some of the stitching they do on cloth - even the vase and flowers in it are both composed of flowers.

This display shows the different floral designs which are stitched on cloth. Each area of Ukraine has its own floral pattern. When there is a marriage, the couple, during the ceremony, stands on a piece of cloth which has a floral design depicting their area of Ukraine.

Here is a vendor displaying different stitched Ukrainian designs.

Dorota's friend, who had a booth at the Festival, writes articles for this magazine specializing in plants and flowers. She gave us a couple of the periodicals to take with us.

The park area where the Festival and the Motherland statue are located.

The Motherland statue - this enormous statue is made of stainless steel and was built during the Soviet regime. It is a war memorial and stands to a height of 364 feet.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    Beautiful! I’m thankful to read that the Lord is taking good care of you through kind people there. :)

  2. jonesdk1 says:

    Elder and Sister Reed!! We need to get more people registered on your blog:) I know you’re more than halfway through & I’m finally registering now–but we’re just not a bloggy family:) The elder Jones looked at your pics & loved them–as told to me by Janet! We have perused them this morning & especially liked the flower art and the dancing costumes! The kids were able to pick out Pres. Monson, Uchtdorf, and Elder Nelson, too!! We enjoyed getting a face to “Harold”–he was the one who talked with Pres. Monson, right? The temple is beautiful!! It was neat putting faces to the lovely people who helped you around the city, too! What a beautiful weekend weather-wise it appears as well!! We also really enjoyed the pics of the youth camp at the wonderful beach–it DID bring back Lake Powell to my mind!! We sure love you guys and are sooo proud of you!!

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