Last Saturday we had our first teacher training for the coming year of Seminary and Institute instruction. The course of study will be the Doctrine and Covenants. We have several new teachers this year, and we pleased that they have accepted this important calling and we are excited to work with them. Since family is central to everything we teach, Elder Reed started out the training with a lesson and exercise involving the Family Proclamation. We are stressing to all of the teachers to teach the important concept of family in all their instruction. Each teacher then taught a 30 minute lesson on one of the areas of importance in the CES program. We took a break for lunch during the day, and then went on with more of the training. It was a full day of learning for all of us, but we all felt the spirit as we were edified by the things being taught.

Lena, a Seminary teacher

Anya, a Seminary teacher

Harold, a Seminary teacher

Sveta, a Seminary teacher and returned missionary as of last week

Natasha, who teaches the adult Doctrine and Covenants class

Our teachers - a couple of the husbands came along to learn, too. We were missing our Institute teacher and the teacher from Sumy.

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