Our most joyous events are baptisms. Lena, who is the girl friend of one of our Kharkov Branch Presidents, is the most recent baptism. Baptisms always bring the spirit as another of Heavenly Father’s children makes this important choice. Lena was taught by the missionaries for 2 or 3 months and was also taught by Kostic (Branch President). She is a wonderful young woman and will be a great addition to the Lord’s Church.

Kostic, Lena, and Elder Shipp

Sveta, Kostic's sister, just returned from a mission in the Eastern European area and gave a fireside for the young adults. Sveta is in front in the orange skirt. She had a very successful and enjoyable mission and gave an interesting report.

It was Fatima's birthday last Sunday, so she brought a cake she had made to share with the members of Institute Council. Ukrainian cakes are very different from the typical American cake. This one was quite delicious.

At Family Home Evening last Monday Alexey celebrated his 25th birthday with us. He has been taught by the Elders for a couple of months and comes to most of our YSA events. He’s a great guy and we pray that he will accept a baptism challenge.

There were three nonmembers at FHE. Anya, on the right, brought her husband, Gena, who is not a church member. He went with her to the Temple Open House and was quite impressed with the beauty and sacredness. Nastia (green shirt) is also a nonmember and comes with Vika, on the left.

Alexey blowing out the candles

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