As we are walking from place to place in Kharkov, we always spot some sights that are of interest to us or amusing to us foreigners. Here are a few pictures from around the city.

This is the front entrance to a little market we frequent. The workers were fixing the steps the other day, and we laughed at the little path created to go in the door - no ropes, no signs. It was business as usual, but we had to stay on the little path to get in. Building codes and OSHA are non-existent in Ukraine, and we are beginning to appreciate OSHA more than we used to!

In the area of our apartment there is a war-torn building which has never been renovated. After WWII many of the buildings in the city looked just like this shell, but most have been replaced or torn down. There are even little trees growing on the walls.

On the way home from the church one evening we walked past the police academy when they were having a graduation ceremony. There were policemen everywhere and the graduates were dressed in their formal uniforms. The academy and the grounds are quite beautiful and very well-kept.

Just around the corner from our apartment is a beautiful little Pravoslavic church. We don't know what it is used for since the gate is always closed. This picture was taken around 9:00 in the evening with the moon lending its light (upper right).

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