Always some humor

We experienced two incidents that are humorous. The first, we were shopping for some warm clothing in preparation for colder weather at a market that is like the Orange County Fairgrounds flea market only 4 time larger. After shopping, looking around we had become disoriented and asked for direction back to the Metro (subway). We were told to turn right and go down the aisle to the Metro entrance. We followed directions and walked all the way to the end and seeing no Metro asked a policeman for directions to the Metro. We were told to turn around and follow the aisle to the Metro entrance. Again we followed directions and ended up where we had started, I was frustrated and we asked again. This time the person pointed to the Metro entrance only a few yards in front of us, we had passed the entrance twice. Because the shop are so close together and filled with merchandise the Metro sign was almost covered with signs and merchandise.

The second incident was our first entrance into the Church building by ourselves. I was pretty sure I knew how to get in and punch in the code. But, alas, I was wrong and entered the wrong code. The alarm sounded and the police were beckoned automatically. I became alarmed because I knew we were not going to be able to communicate. I called local Elders for assistance but no one answered. The police arrived and we experienced no communication except that we didn’t look like we were breaking in. Finally we were able to make contact with the mission office and they spoke with the police and we were not arrested.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    So glad to hear you weren’t arrested trying to “break into” the church building! :) And there is nothing more frustrating than getting lost when you know it’s a simple misunderstanding like that. Thanks for finding and sharing the humor in your days there. :)

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