Last Friday we spent a day at the Youth Camp for the Seminary age members here in Kharkov. What a great time we had! We could tell that hours of planning went into the event – everything ran smoothly and the youth had a great time. There were less active members there and also a couple of nonmembers. The site was about an hour out of Kharkov in a beautiful area with tall pine trees and a large lake. Everyone took a bus out to the area, and one car brought out all the food and equipment for the three day outing. (Members with cars are few and far between here.) There were spiritual gatherings planned, work on Personal Progress for the girls and priesthood talks for the boys, swimming, games, a great obstacle course was set up, and plenty of good food. We worked in partners on the obstacle course, and we came in second from the last in the competition! We wish we could have stayed longer than we did, but our translator had to be back in Kharkov in the evening. These youth love to do the same things the youth in America enjoy.

The campsite - the church furnishes tents for these outings.

A big, sandy slope led to the lake and the kids enjoyed running down it as fast as they could, hitting the water. They also were rolling down in the sand. Exactly what we used to do at Lake Powell!

Everybody the world over loves sand!

Boys geting priesthood instruction.

Girls working on Personal Progress

During a spiritual lesson we taught, we set up groups of kids - one taunting the others to follow the crowd. We based our lesson on the theme this year, Be strong and of a good courage.......

Part of the obstacle course

Sack-hop in the course

Jumping rope in the course

Stepping on the mats - we worked in partners on the course.

Elder Reed doing a somersault in the course

Sister Reed doing the zip line

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