There’s Lots to Do!

Each week we keep getting a few more assignments, so we are keeping pretty busy for being the new senior missionaries on the block. We are having a fireside (Sunday evening meetings) for the young adults using the material from For the Strength of Youth. These firesides will be each week starting in November and going for about 10 or so lessons. It will be a lot of fun to teach. We have the returned missionaries over for Family Home Evening on Monday evenings, and we have a group of young men from Africa who are students at the various Universities over on Friday evenings for dinner and a gospel lesson. They are very intelligent, polite young men, and we are certainly enjoying having them over. We are being tutored in the Russian language twice a week by a couple of the young women in Institute, and we’re making a little progress (slowly, however!). It’s been fun to tax our old brains with something new like this. On Saturday morning we are teaching an English class for anyone who wants to come. We also are holding Inservice meetings for the Institute and Seminary teachers. We are having a great time planning and talking about ideas and concepts we will teach at all these meetings.

We are feeling more comfortable in Kharkov and are exploring our area when we have a couple of free hours. Fashion is the thing here, and the young women walk these crumbling sidewalks in 3 or 4 inch spike heels. Amazing to us! The weather has been quite nice since we’ve been here, and it has rained once a week which keeps it quite humid. The food is good, and I cooked a pretty decent borsch the other night. It’s a soup that you just throw everything in you want, but you must have cabbage in it!

We are truly grateful for this opportunity to serve our Lord in this way. We have felt his guidance in all things, for which we are most grateful. Our testimonies of our Savior and his Atonement for us continue to grow day by day.

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  1. Wendi Jagerson says:

    What a fun update. Were you able to listen or watch General Conference at all? It sure was inspiring. I too am so thankful for the Atonement. :)

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